Our Management skills & Qualities

    • Extensive local, regional and international market experience in the business services field.
    • Excellent experience in retail, wholesale and corporate selling deals and in services. 
    • Ability to drive innovation & performance at every level in different fields.
    • We have a clear vision of our goals and work hard to achieve them.
    • We are skilled in strategic thinking
    • Strong leadership skills.
    • Professional skills in market analysis.
    • Strong organizational skills, attentive to details with a sense of priority and time management.
    • Strong linguistic skills in English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, German, Spanish and Arabic in multicultural environments.
    • Capable of building strategic and profitable relationships with companies and customers.
    • Possess good negotiation and deal-closing skills.
    • Diplomatic talents, pragmatic and problem solving ability with critical thinking.
    • Diligent and challenging spirit with excellent decision making ability.
    • Persevering personality with a natural passion for winning.
    • Forecasting, scheduling and planning.
    • Marketing and sales strategic approach.
    • Listening and persuasion skills.
    • Optimistic thinking, courage, passion and power of imagination.
    • Perfect understanding of regional culture.
    • Able to plan and hold exhibitions and private events from A to Z.
    • Experienced to interact and deal with media (TV, press, magazine, radio etc.…).

Who are we?


"Sam & Bros." based in Dubai and means "marketing".

Marketing is our area of expertise and we are the best of the best.

Let us help you to grow your business!


 Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai

 Mob: +971 55 439 439 0

 Tel: +971 4 452 00 33

 Fax: +971 4 442 49 60