Our Team

Our professional team skills are a combination of high education, dynamism, ambition, execution and determination for more than 20 years of experience, and profound knowledge of business methods in the Middle East.

We bring success and establish a perfect positioning strategy for our clients by creating and forwarding constant wireless communications for strategies and pro-active awareness campaigns for our future clients.

Of course, bigger isn’t necessarily better – we’re driven to be the best. We do so by harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of our passionate associates to create a solution oriented to a strategy-driven organization that fulfills our vision of Winning Together in everything we do.

Fakhri Tarabaine
Founder & CEO

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Being our strategic partner means having countless benefits. Read our profile, you will find that we have all keys of success. You will reach an inevitable conclusion that Sam & Bros. Co is the reliable strategic partner in MENA.

Who are we?


"Sam & Bros." based in Dubai and means "marketing".

Marketing is our area of expertise and we are the best of the best.

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 Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai

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