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WE are Sam & Bros. Co

Sam & Bros. Co is the vital partner for luxury across the Middle East, our story with Jewelry & luxury goods started in 1997. In 2006 we officially launched our business in the heart of the world’s luxury city Dubai – UAE. Since then we work to provide our clients and partners with the best business experience in all MENA markets.

By blending its Middle East expertise and intimate knowledge of luxury, the Sam & Bros. Co is boosting brands in the region, Through our multiple business lines and connections, we supported various companies in different luxury fields to establish their businesses in MENA markets on firm ground; and supported to grow several brands to address the contemporary issues and challenges that affect companies in Middle East markets.

Sam & Bros .Co strategic relationships cross the Middle East countries, we believe that our knowledge, expertise of luxury field environment in MENA markets and understanding of the region culture allow us to tailor fresh and practical solutions and bring high added value to our clients and business partners.

Based on our deep understanding of the luxury sector and our partners’ needs, we become trusted partners by top ranked jewelry & watches brands to opt for the top celebrities and public figures to become a face or an ambassador for their brand campaign.

Why Sam & Bros. CO

Vitality & Credibility

Expertise & Knowledge

Practical & Realistic Solutions

Partners in Responsibility

Partners in Success

Fakhri Tarabein

Founder & CEO


DiamArt Ambassador – Italy

Our Vision

Partners in Responsibility … Partners in Success

Our Mission

Is to strive for excellence and deliver outstanding bespoke solutions for our clients and partners in MENA markets.

By understanding the market and consumer behavior with an open and socially-conscious mind.

Our skills are a combination of high education, dynamism, ambition, execution and determination for more than 24 years of experience, and profound knowledge of business methods for luxury sectors in the world.

Of course, bigger isn’t necessarily better; we’re driven to be the best. We do so by harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of our passionate associates to create a solution oriented to a strategy-driven organization that fulfills our vision of Winning Together in everything we do.

What We Do

The Tip of the iceberg 

  • Sales & Business B2B & B2C
  • Corporate Sales
  • Integral sales & marketing communications and researches
  • Brand Development
  • Brand expansion
  • Strategy & Branding
  • Retail Services
  • Business advisory and consultancy
  • Brand’s Face, Model and Ambassador
  • A franchise License