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DiamArt is the story of a Journey began with a dream

and became a reality by a man with vision and passion, courage and ingenuity, 

by Mr. Isidoro Ferrari who has worked in the stone and diamond tools sector for over 50 years. Curious, visionary and creative, Isidoro Ferrari is the heart and soul of this venture.


For the 1st time ever in the world the unique revolutionary concept

That goes beyond the traditional idea of a single natural diamond stone to Natural micro-diamond

Natural Micro Diamonds for your Creations

DiamArt creates surfaces with the most precious of stones, the diamond, helping designers and brands to create unique products through the most precious of materials.


Unlike glass crystals or glitter, we bring real preciousness thanks to an application never seen before of the diamond, which allows you to raise the perceived value of your creations.


Applicable Fields

Fashion & Accessories

DiamArt is the ideal, exclusive partner for major fashion brands seeking to offer exquisite and unique decorative elements which give their collections character, brilliance and magnificence unparalleled in the fashion world.


Technical expertise and prompt service allow DiamArt to be at your side through every stage of production, from prototyping to the production and application of micro diamond surfaces. DiamArt micro diamond surfaces add value to the objects they are applied to, making them precious and unique.


There are no limits to DiamArt’s creativity and potential applications in the fashion world.

It can be used as an exquisite decoration for bags, footwear, belts, costume jewellery, buckles, inserts, cuffs, leather items, lace, patches and jewellery, adapting to anything your imagination can come up with. From flat to curved surfaces, rigid to flexible, the result will highlight the elegance and style of your high-class collections.

Applicable Fields

Design & Furniture

A vocation for luxury and elegance is an integral part of DiamArt’s DNA. One of the sectors where this is best expressed is design. The experience, technical skill and craftsmanship inherent in our way of thinking and producing allow us to be in complete alignment with the furnishing sector.


Thanks to a team of specialists who can respond rapidly and skilfully, DiamArt can support you from prototype to the production of decorative items to embellish furniture, walls, ceilings, mosaics and inlays.


The endless combinations and potential applications of our DiamArt micro diamond surfaces give furnishings a unique, exclusive character, turning design objects into minor works of art.

The brilliance and beauty of DiamArt micro diamond surfaces, combined with the elegant shapes of furniture, accessories, ceiling and wall decorations and mosaics, will create an atmosphere of class and sophistication in any setting.

Applicable Fields

Tailor Made & Custom Project

DiamArt has been chosen as a partner by prestigious organizations, firms and private individuals to create and personalize their prizes and awards.


A mark of esteem that indicates the worth of DiamArt creations.


The versatility and communicative power of DiamArt micro diamond surfaces allow us to take on and succeed in even the most unusual challenges, helping to make special moments unforgettable, thanks to awards made even more precious by the application of diamond.


For DiamArt, this collaboration with clients and partners is a strength: embellishing prizes and plaques by combining the client’s expectations with our creative capacity is a source of pride and satisfaction to us.


Applicable Fields

Iconice Diamond Portraits

Thanks to the DiamArt patented technology, the micro diamond becomes the protagonist in making precious and unique images and graphic reproductions.


Created by expert craftsmen through their meticulous work and great precision, the Diamond Portraits capture attention thanks to the elegance and delicacy of micro diamonds, transforming memories into timeless masterpieces.


The diamond takes on a new shape, never seen before, giving life to the emotions and enriching the images with an eternal taste.


Applicable Material




Carbon Fiber

The Colours

One of the exclusive features of DiamArt is the ability to create decorative elements with micro diamond surfaces and to give them an extraordinary effect by the use of bespoke pigments.


The unique and complex colouration technique means colour can be added between the base layer and the single layer of diamond.


Thanks to the transparent quality of the diamond, the colour is reflected outwards, giving the surface exceptional depth and brilliance.


To facilitate the customer’s choice of colours, we work with a range of standard shades from which the desired colour can be chosen. If a customised shade is required, we can create other shades appropriate for the item being produced.


Carats Certification

The IGI, a reliable and internationally-recognised institute of gemmological certification, recognised the innovative nature of DiamArt surfaces from the start.


Having examined our processes and our product, the Gemmological Institute confirmed that our method for calculating the density of the natural diamond present on DiamArt surfaces meets the rigorous standards tested in its laboratory.


Thanks to this collaboration, DiamArt is able to issue a certificate stating the carat weight of every item produced, and to request a specific analysis from the IGI where requested by the customer.


Quality Guarantees

DiamArt is the result of an exclusive process that combines a unique idea with in-depth knowledge of the diamond, artisan sensibility and an industrial process which produces repeatable high-value items.


DiamArt technology is patented for the application of micro diamonds, also commonly known as diamond powder, on various backings to guarantee an even and long-lasting finish.

The process is protected by a patent lodged in Italy and extended worldwide (ref. EP283737506B1, WO2017212396).


DiamArt micro diamond surfaces are entirely made in Italy, from concept to design and execution; they are an expression of our country’s creativity, artisan skill and technical expertise.

Why DiamArt & Sam & Bros 

Uniqueness, innovation, experience, craftsmanship, technology and Made in Italy creativeness. All this is DiamArt, the result of half a century of research into micro diamond which has given our group a vast knowledge of every aspect of this wonderful precious material.